OCLM Desktop Software Scheduler for the Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting

OCLM is a software program that has been designed to schedule the Our Christian Life and Ministry mid-week meeting with its exciting new format. Previously known as the TMS Software Program for the Theocratic Ministry School. Enjoyed by many users for its simple layout and easy to use features.

OCLM Desktop Version will now be Discontinued.
Please try our Web Version on www.oclmsoftware.com

Dear OCLM Desktop User,

We are discontinuing our Windows desktop software after 10+ years and will now focus on our Web version. This Web version will better meet the needs of our users and their wide range of computers and mobile devices.

We invite you to try our OCLM Web Version. The new changes for the 2018 Life & Ministry Meeting are now complete in all supported languages including English and Spanish. You can schedule both 2017 and 2018 workbook months together in this web software. The OCLM web version can still be used on your Windows Desktop. You can also use it on your mobile device such as on your Apple iPad or iPhone, Android tablet or phone, Windows tablet or phone and Windows, Linux or Mac computer as well on other devices with an internet connection and up-to-date browser.

Please try our web version here: www.oclmsoftware.com

You can import your OCLM Desktop data into this version. Please watch our how-to video regarding how you can move your current data to the new version quickly and easily:

Importing from the Desktop Version into the Web Version.

Many will find using the web version ultimately beneficial with the many devices supported, as well as automatic continuous updates and additional languages, with more to be added.

We sincerely appreciate your support and regret any inconvenience this action causes.

Thank you for using OCLM Desktop software and please try our new OCLM Web version.
  • Simple Navigation and Design, Easy to Learn.
  • Schedule Student Parts (for One or Two Schools), Non-Student Parts or All Meeting Parts.
  • View and Modify Student/Participant Profiles, Preferences and History.
  • Auto-fill, Modify and Print (S-140 schedule and S-89 slips, Chairman's Outline and Worksheet).
  • Import Official Monthly Workbook (MWB) Feature. Option to add or edit source material.
  • Printouts displayed in MS Word document editor and slips displayed PDF reader.
  • Available in English & Spanish. Program flexibility for many languages.
  • Designed for Microsoft Windows.
  • No copyright forms, slips or workbooks embedded in the program. However these can be easily imported.
  • Free & Donation Basis


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